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Florence and Marion Child Support Lawyer

Disputes over money can turn an uncontested divorce action into a complex and bitter battle between two spouses. At Ballenger, Barth, Hoefer & Lewis, L.L.P., we combine high standards of ethics with deep compassion for South Carolina residents going through life-changing times. Making vital decisions about the future should be based on the foundation of what is best for your children. As one household becomes two, they are entitled to a secure financial future.

Child support is usually determined by a "calculator" where income and expenses of both spouses are entered while factoring in the amount of custody/visitation the noncustodial spouse enjoys. The statutory calculations result in a number that represents the amount of support a child or children (not the custodial spouse) will receive. There are cases, however, where the support issues are not determined by the calculator, and evidence will need to be presented as to each party's income and assets. We have significant experience in presenting these cases to the family court.

Determining Support in the Best Interests of Children

At Ballenger, Barth, Hoefer & Lewis, L.L.P., our lawyers understand that strict state statutes do not always lead to accurate amounts of child support. Self-employed professionals and business owners can hide income or assets in an attempt to pay less. With the help of forensic accountants and other financial experts, our Florence child support attorneys get to the facts and secure the support children are entitled to as part of a divorce decree.

While mediation for child support is court-mandated, our attorneys also understand that litigation can also provide a satisfactory outcome should negotiations fail. Even after child support is ordered, issues may come up in the future that require modifications or enforcement actions.

Call us today at 843-662-6301 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Florence and Marion child support enforcement attorney. Our law firm is located across the street from the Florence City-County Complex and two blocks from the federal courthouse.

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